Pellet Grills – 5 Reasons You Should One Get Right Away!

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Whenever you’re cooking anything, it’s all about convenience and better control. Pellet smokers are amazing tools making outside cooking way easier than it actually is. They have created an easy and convenient path to outdoor cooking which most of the people consider as very difficult.

With more and more people getting into barbecues and smoky cooking, pellets seem to be a very helpful equipment coming of age in 2016. Thus people regard 2016 as the Year of best pellet smoker. An important benefit that comes across to people is that it’s a healthy way of cooking food, thereby using fewer chemicals which in turn reduced the risk of hazardous diseases, cancer, for one. Thus 5 reasons you should consider buying one right away are:

1. Ease of Use

Just like the kitchen stove, they are thermostatically controlled. Just a cooking temperature is to be selected and further, the controller maintains it accordingly. It seems to be a combination of charcoal smokers, gas grills and kitchen stove and ovens. They automatically feel fuel to fire and regulates grill’s air flow. They are also regarded as the easier grills to use. And thus just set what you want to be cooked and then focus on more important things such as family and friends and people around you. Some models also provide you with the facility of a remote control.

2. Natural

Wood pellets are 100% natural with no chemicals and binders. Most of them are made from saw dust and wood chips taken from the industrial units, which they consider as waste. Wood contains a special substance called lignin that binds wood pellets as compacted and in their
Uniform shape. They are even considered as carbon neutral and thus seen as eco-friendly. They contain no additives. They burn in a clean manner with leaving very little ash.

3. Versatility

These are one of the most versatile tools used to smoke, grill, barbecue, roast, bake and braise, all in one. It allows you to do it all with consistent results. They heat up fast and does not flare up, thus getting ready to be used for 15 minutes. It further provides accuracy in temperature. It provides even cooking facility by providing heat to all sides of the food product. They can be used to cook anything from chicken wings to smoked pork without any difficulty. No fear of uneven cooking. It further also allows you to cook slow and low or even fast and high or in any of the combination.

4. Fuel Efficiency

It replaces 120 gallons of heating oil or may be 170 gallons of propane. A singe bag of pellets is usually considered to be enough for several cookouts. It helps I. Saying fossil fuels and even reduces the amount of emission of harmful gasses. It also regulates the heat produced. Also on the highest temperature setting, around 2.5 pounds seem to burn per hour.

5. Flavourful Variety

These provide you with a variety of pellet smoke flavors such as oak, apply mesquite, cherry, and hickory. These are produced by naturally flavored vegetable oils, already incorporated in the pellets. Other flavors include bourbon and pecan. Mixing of all or any of these flavors is also possible, making a unique one.

They also seem to use fewer chemicals and thus by using indirect heating methods, it produces more variety and even healthier food.

Over more than 300,000 pellet grills were sold in 2014 and their popularity is growing back again. They seem to gain prestige among professional grillers.

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