Desserts on a Grill

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Whenever one hears the word ‘grill’, the next thing that comes to mind is pure nostalgia. You’re immediately thinking about the cool summer evenings with family and friends gathered on the lawn, discussing a game (and a lot more) with a sparkling beer in hand.

You think of the food, simmering hot grilled chicken that looks tough on the outside but melts in your mouth.

And steak. (STEAK!)

But you don’t really think of the dessert.

It is curious to me that most of the time when we think of any meal, we hardly pay attention to the dessert.

Now, would it surprise you if I told you that your good ole’ grill can make desserts as well?

Well, if it does, all the better for you.

I think it’s about time we stop underrating the dessert. They can make or break your meal, I kid you not.

Read on to find some awesome (and possibly unorthodox) dessert choices your grill gives you!

• Dessert Pizza

A pizza all the way different, a sweeter pizza. Grill till the crust becomes puffy and golden brown. Just add cheese, honey accompanied with cream and fruits, to release their natural fresh, sweet juices. There is certainly a magic to this dessert pizza. And then topping it with our favorite nuts makes it a combination made in heaven with a flame-kissed flavor.

• Grilled Banana Boats

A redefinition of banana. It’s a very easy dish to make and is even fun. A scrumptious, appealing dessert is just right in with you. It’s regarded as one of the best dishes to be prepared for camping. It also contains carbohydrates, fats, and proteins making it a healthy one. But be sure, don’t let the bananas get too soft.

• Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet

A perfect summer desert .. it is so good and healthy. A simple and a refreshing recipe with a lot of flavors in it, tasting well and making it go always in a need of more. Grilled fruits like this with caramelizing then brings their natural sweetness. Grilling fresh pineapples reduces its acidity and concentrates its sweetness in this easy, elegant dessert. Also, can be accompanied blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

• Amazing Grilled Peaches

Grill, the lovely looking peaceful till golden brown and caramelize it with your favorite things, maybe honey or sugar or any chocolate or maple syrup. One of the best barbecue dessert. Peaches are themselves glorious but with the sugar plus heat combination makes one of the most amazing textures. A very quick and easy recipe to make. This recipe can even work for apricots and fruits like that.

• Grilled Apples

Well, bloomin’ apples are better than bloomin’ onions. People are a huge fan of blooming dishes, especially when they are easy and fun to cook. A sweet delicious, perfect dessert. Vanilla ice cream with maple or chocolate syrup makes it a heavenly dessert.

• Grilled Doughnuts

There’s no other way that to prepare a barbecue for your family and friends as a part of dessert over with a tray of doughnuts and gourmet dips. And the best part is that you can add any topping you like. This dish is very easy to cook which comes together with less than 10minutes.

• Grilled Bread

This type of bread can be put to use to make different types and flavors of dessert. Red wine, orange juice and cinnamon mixed together with bread give you an unforgettable flavor. Also, grilled pound cake or bread with hot, creamy chocolate Sauce topped with nuts can be made.

When you are done with eating grilled fish and chicken this summer, just don’t turn the grill off! You will be left startled to see how your grilled can also be made to use for desserts. Thus want to make a dessert more interesting, throw it on the grill.

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