About Us

To develop a sophisticated array of meat and poultry products for wholesale and retail consumers from locally-raised, sustainably processed, and humanely slaughtered beef, bison, and poultry.
Inspired by traditional concepts of our place in the natural world, Whole Earth Meats incorporates a commitment to the humane treatment of animals and the organic production of high quality food in every phase of our operation.
Whole Earth Meats is dedicated to observing the following practices:

Patronizing Local Farms – All of the farms we deal with are within 300 miles of Chicagoland. Small, family owned and run, they raise beef, bison, free-range and pastured poultry of superior quality.

Supporting Sustainable/Biodynamic Farming Methods – We deal only with farms that add ecological value to the land and surrounding wildlife. These operations raise their livestock and fowl on non-genetically modified pasture and graze their livestock exclusively in the warmer months while feeding them on moist and dry hay in the colder months. They feed fowl on grain that has not been genetically modified for the best combination of nutritive balance, complemented by fresh grass and legumes.

Insisting on the Humane treatment of fowl and livestock – Our farmers don’t dehorn or stun their animals and never slaughter pregnant livestock. They also do everything they can to assure the comfort and well-being of their animals on the farm and in transit. As a result of these practices all Whole Earth Meat products are considered “Tayyib” or “free from ever imperfection and defect.”

Practicing Humane Slaughtering – Whole Earth Meats always slaughters animals humanely without the use of electrocution or cranial knocks that are common at most USDA and state inspected meat lockers. All Whole Earth Meats are prepared using a time-honored, sacred slaughtering technique now as Zabiha-Halal, which is quick and painless for the animal.

Maintaining Quality Processing – Total cleanliness is maintained and practiced at all times to assure the quality and wholesomeness of our products. In addition, we carefully age our meat to tenderize it and allow for the full development of flavor, smell, and color. Seamless packaging ensures the freshness and extended the shelf-life of our meat and poultry.

Encouraging Low Impact Practices – Our farmers not only avoid unnecessary water usage but plowing practices that damage the integrity of the local land and water system. Many of our supplier farms use renewable fuels when operating farm and road vehicles to decrease the amount of CO2 spewed into the air. In addition, livestock and fowl are only slaughtered and processed as needed, to prevent excessive, industrial scale farming, slaughtering, or processing.

Developing Interest-free Reinvestment Opportunities – Whole Earth Meats recognizes that small farmers throughout North America and around the world suffer from inadequate resources and capital. So we’re now developing an investment strategy to assist small, sustainable farmers within its present locality radius in making capital investments on their farms and ranches. These capital investments will help protect farms against the adverse effects of climatic change so they’ll be able to nourish us even in difficult times.