A Gargantuan Awesome Beef Snack – Bourbon + Beef Jerky

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An easy recipe to make at home, just with an oven. It’s affordable and delicious.

A classic beef jerky flavored with bourbon, garlic, and pepper is just what you are waiting for. Bourbon is a classic American whiskey primarily made from corn. It is used in various recipes to tantalize the taste buds.

For an easy recipe, slice out your beef and prepare your marinade. Coating your marinade well without leaving even a bit of it, wrap and freeze it for a day. (Your marinade can be a mix of any of sauces and seasonings, all according to your taste). After 24 hours, preheat your oven and place the beef carefully on the oven tray. However, two things to keep in mind while cooking the beef are, first keep the door of the oven slightly open so that the moist air finds it way out and next, about half way, flip over the jerky.

A brief recipe of your next favorite dish is an effortless task. This enables you to forget the restaurant made beef and you will never buy the store – bought again.

No matter how you say it, Beef with Bourbon or Bourbon with Beef, the combination is magical and especially for a day like Sunday, nothing can be more relaxing and easy to eat than this. It gives you all the flavors in a single bite.

The beef is flame grilled for superior flavor and delivers a uniquely tender texture with adding bourbon flavor to it. It’s a perfectly balanced dish for the lovers of meat which also gives them the chance to taste bourbon.

This dish is rich in protein and is also gluten free with a tender texture. These taste crisp from outside while juicy from inside. Along with this, vegetable can also be added to give a healthy turn.

Also, some people added sugar and honey which helped the beef have a sweet taste, making it taste like candy.

This dish tasted pretty good as the bourbon was gone by two hours but still had its flavor on. The beef was so tender and feeble and it tasted more like a stew than saucy meat.

It’s been having a great experience to cook and eat this amazing and refreshing dish.

This combination may seem a little unorthodox, but it’s only the different things that appeal.

Most people think of jerky as tasteless but when blended with bourbon, it gets completely transformed. The jerky seems to change its course and give out the best of its flavors.

When you have an amazing dish in place, you should have an amazing counterpart to that. Just the relationship works, food shall also be paired with those with which it can bring out the better of them.

So make yourself ready to jump into the bowl of flavors which will leave you admits in the middle of everything you do.

Well, whiskey and beer are a match made in heaven and thus everyone is left waiting for more.

And if you need some more help, here’s an amazing video by T-ROY COOKS, a channel on YouTube!

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