Electric Smokers – NSFW This Thanksgiving

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Gone are the days when one has to initially search for woods and sit for hours to constantly monitor it while your favourite dish was being prepared. Now who has the time to waste , especially when it’s thanksgiving. It’s the time to be spent with family and friends. So Electric Smokers are the ones best next option available. The most important factor which makes them so hot favourite among all is that they are easy to use , easy to handle without much looking into.

3 simple steps to get a traditional meat ready are – plug in the smoker , keep the meat and then just set the temperature. These are user friendly and thus offer good deal of freedom to the users and most of them are programmable. Smoking foods add special and different flavour to them. The flavour is always unique because of the wood used and thus smoked meat , turkey , salmon , etc are eaten all over the world.
There is a large variety of Smokers available today in the market. And the Electric Smokers reviews are the ones topping the list.

Electric Smokers are relatively more versatile and very convenient to use.it uses electricity to ignite the woods that are required to give the smoke. They come with thermostats to monitor the temperature inside. This type of smoker can be used to prepare multiple dishes , be it salmon or turkey. Further more as the temperature keeps on regulating itself, one need to sit and monitor it. These are designed to vary the heat flows within the smoky chamber.

• It’s Healthy

Food in smokers are prepared by giving heat to the food by the wood used. This method not only restrains the dish’s own flavour but adds some uniqueness to it. It’s even a healthy alternative to deep frying of cooking traditionally since it requires no oil. It helps in retaining its nutritional value.

Here’s a very insightful study by DM Staton at Pennsylvania State University about how fuel-wood smoke can be very harmful.

Very Convenient to Use

Initially people were scared of over smoking the dish and thus not being able to get the desired results. But with the introduction of electric smoker, it’s no different and difficult to cook. They have control panels for everything making it very easy to operate. They are also very handy in nature as it can be easily transported from one place to another. Also it gives you the freedom to give any flavor to your meat by choosing the desired fuel.

Temperature Variation and Wide Range

Temperature can be set accordingly to your needs and study and as the meat starts cooking , it takes its own way of handling the dish by regulating the temperature. Wide range of settings and controls are available in order to make the individual work tension free and in a calm manner.

Interestingly they also come in various models. These include upright drum smokers, vertical water smokers and offset smokers, all working differently in their own way yet the same.

Most of electric smokers come with a facility of inbuilt caveat, allowing the excessive smoke to escape.

Thus , what are you waiting for. This is the perfect equipment to be used on special occasions or can be gifted too.

A Gargantuan Awesome Beef Snack – Bourbon + Beef Jerky

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An easy recipe to make at home, just with an oven. It’s affordable and delicious.

A classic beef jerky flavored with bourbon, garlic, and pepper is just what you are waiting for. Bourbon is a classic American whiskey primarily made from corn. It is used in various recipes to tantalize the taste buds.

For an easy recipe, slice out your beef and prepare your marinade. Coating your marinade well without leaving even a bit of it, wrap and freeze it for a day. (Your marinade can be a mix of any of sauces and seasonings, all according to your taste). After 24 hours, preheat your oven and place the beef carefully on the oven tray. However, two things to keep in mind while cooking the beef are, first keep the door of the oven slightly open so that the moist air finds it way out and next, about half way, flip over the jerky.

A brief recipe of your next favorite dish is an effortless task. This enables you to forget the restaurant made beef and you will never buy the store – bought again.

No matter how you say it, Beef with Bourbon or Bourbon with Beef, the combination is magical and especially for a day like Sunday, nothing can be more relaxing and easy to eat than this. It gives you all the flavors in a single bite.

The beef is flame grilled for superior flavor and delivers a uniquely tender texture with adding bourbon flavor to it. It’s a perfectly balanced dish for the lovers of meat which also gives them the chance to taste bourbon.

This dish is rich in protein and is also gluten free with a tender texture. These taste crisp from outside while juicy from inside. Along with this, vegetable can also be added to give a healthy turn.

Also, some people added sugar and honey which helped the beef have a sweet taste, making it taste like candy.

This dish tasted pretty good as the bourbon was gone by two hours but still had its flavor on. The beef was so tender and feeble and it tasted more like a stew than saucy meat.

It’s been having a great experience to cook and eat this amazing and refreshing dish.

This combination may seem a little unorthodox, but it’s only the different things that appeal.

Most people think of jerky as tasteless but when blended with bourbon, it gets completely transformed. The jerky seems to change its course and give out the best of its flavors.

When you have an amazing dish in place, you should have an amazing counterpart to that. Just the relationship works, food shall also be paired with those with which it can bring out the better of them.

So make yourself ready to jump into the bowl of flavors which will leave you admits in the middle of everything you do.

Well, whiskey and beer are a match made in heaven and thus everyone is left waiting for more.

And if you need some more help, here’s an amazing video by T-ROY COOKS, a channel on YouTube!

Pellet Grills – 5 Reasons You Should One Get Right Away!

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Whenever you’re cooking anything, it’s all about convenience and better control. Pellet smokers are amazing tools making outside cooking way easier than it actually is. They have created an easy and convenient path to outdoor cooking which most of the people consider as very difficult.

With more and more people getting into barbecues and smoky cooking, pellets seem to be a very helpful equipment coming of age in 2016. Thus people regard 2016 as the Year of best pellet smoker. An important benefit that comes across to people is that it’s a healthy way of cooking food, thereby using fewer chemicals which in turn reduced the risk of hazardous diseases, cancer, for one. Thus 5 reasons you should consider buying one right away are:

1. Ease of Use

Just like the kitchen stove, they are thermostatically controlled. Just a cooking temperature is to be selected and further, the controller maintains it accordingly. It seems to be a combination of charcoal smokers, gas grills and kitchen stove and ovens. They automatically feel fuel to fire and regulates grill’s air flow. They are also regarded as the easier grills to use. And thus just set what you want to be cooked and then focus on more important things such as family and friends and people around you. Some models also provide you with the facility of a remote control.

2. Natural

Wood pellets are 100% natural with no chemicals and binders. Most of them are made from saw dust and wood chips taken from the industrial units, which they consider as waste. Wood contains a special substance called lignin that binds wood pellets as compacted and in their
Uniform shape. They are even considered as carbon neutral and thus seen as eco-friendly. They contain no additives. They burn in a clean manner with leaving very little ash.

3. Versatility

These are one of the most versatile tools used to smoke, grill, barbecue, roast, bake and braise, all in one. It allows you to do it all with consistent results. They heat up fast and does not flare up, thus getting ready to be used for 15 minutes. It further provides accuracy in temperature. It provides even cooking facility by providing heat to all sides of the food product. They can be used to cook anything from chicken wings to smoked pork without any difficulty. No fear of uneven cooking. It further also allows you to cook slow and low or even fast and high or in any of the combination.

4. Fuel Efficiency

It replaces 120 gallons of heating oil or may be 170 gallons of propane. A singe bag of pellets is usually considered to be enough for several cookouts. It helps I. Saying fossil fuels and even reduces the amount of emission of harmful gasses. It also regulates the heat produced. Also on the highest temperature setting, around 2.5 pounds seem to burn per hour.

5. Flavourful Variety

These provide you with a variety of pellet smoke flavors such as oak, apply mesquite, cherry, and hickory. These are produced by naturally flavored vegetable oils, already incorporated in the pellets. Other flavors include bourbon and pecan. Mixing of all or any of these flavors is also possible, making a unique one.

They also seem to use fewer chemicals and thus by using indirect heating methods, it produces more variety and even healthier food.

Over more than 300,000 pellet grills were sold in 2014 and their popularity is growing back again. They seem to gain prestige among professional grillers.

Desserts on a Grill

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Whenever one hears the word ‘grill’, the next thing that comes to mind is pure nostalgia. You’re immediately thinking about the cool summer evenings with family and friends gathered on the lawn, discussing a game (and a lot more) with a sparkling beer in hand.

You think of the food, simmering hot grilled chicken that looks tough on the outside but melts in your mouth.

And steak. (STEAK!)

But you don’t really think of the dessert.

It is curious to me that most of the time when we think of any meal, we hardly pay attention to the dessert.

Now, would it surprise you if I told you that your good ole’ grill can make desserts as well?

Well, if it does, all the better for you.

I think it’s about time we stop underrating the dessert. They can make or break your meal, I kid you not.

Read on to find some awesome (and possibly unorthodox) dessert choices your grill gives you!

• Dessert Pizza

A pizza all the way different, a sweeter pizza. Grill till the crust becomes puffy and golden brown. Just add cheese, honey accompanied with cream and fruits, to release their natural fresh, sweet juices. There is certainly a magic to this dessert pizza. And then topping it with our favorite nuts makes it a combination made in heaven with a flame-kissed flavor.

• Grilled Banana Boats

A redefinition of banana. It’s a very easy dish to make and is even fun. A scrumptious, appealing dessert is just right in with you. It’s regarded as one of the best dishes to be prepared for camping. It also contains carbohydrates, fats, and proteins making it a healthy one. But be sure, don’t let the bananas get too soft.

• Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet

A perfect summer desert .. it is so good and healthy. A simple and a refreshing recipe with a lot of flavors in it, tasting well and making it go always in a need of more. Grilled fruits like this with caramelizing then brings their natural sweetness. Grilling fresh pineapples reduces its acidity and concentrates its sweetness in this easy, elegant dessert. Also, can be accompanied blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

• Amazing Grilled Peaches

Grill, the lovely looking peaceful till golden brown and caramelize it with your favorite things, maybe honey or sugar or any chocolate or maple syrup. One of the best barbecue dessert. Peaches are themselves glorious but with the sugar plus heat combination makes one of the most amazing textures. A very quick and easy recipe to make. This recipe can even work for apricots and fruits like that.

• Grilled Apples

Well, bloomin’ apples are better than bloomin’ onions. People are a huge fan of blooming dishes, especially when they are easy and fun to cook. A sweet delicious, perfect dessert. Vanilla ice cream with maple or chocolate syrup makes it a heavenly dessert.

• Grilled Doughnuts

There’s no other way that to prepare a barbecue for your family and friends as a part of dessert over with a tray of doughnuts and gourmet dips. And the best part is that you can add any topping you like. This dish is very easy to cook which comes together with less than 10minutes.

• Grilled Bread

This type of bread can be put to use to make different types and flavors of dessert. Red wine, orange juice and cinnamon mixed together with bread give you an unforgettable flavor. Also, grilled pound cake or bread with hot, creamy chocolate Sauce topped with nuts can be made.

When you are done with eating grilled fish and chicken this summer, just don’t turn the grill off! You will be left startled to see how your grilled can also be made to use for desserts. Thus want to make a dessert more interesting, throw it on the grill.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smokers – Why Every BBQ Lover Has One?

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Masterbuilt cooking products set the standard. Known for innovation and it’s the best trait, this device has a powder-coated steel outer body. This tool is a simple way to bring out the smoked flavors of food, at your own place, at any time. It can be used for chicken, fish or may be ribs or anything. It is generally capable of holding 20-30 pounds of meat.

It’s the most effective way to cook at home when you wish to eat a barbecue dish. Also a smart solution for cooking for large groups and saving for the off-season.

Well, this device is perfect, nearly the best for the pro as well the beginners at the same time. One achieves a completely competitive dish to that of restaurants just at his or her backyard, especially without any hassle of charcoal. Simply just plug in the digital smoker, read the instruction manual well and then accordingly set the digital controls and it’s ready to give you a lifetime of experience.

Masterbuilt makes smoking and barbecue simple and convenient. It’s one of the best things you can gift yourself with.

It has digital panels with on/off regulators to set the temperature, along with adjustable air damper for smoke control. It also has integrated thermostat temperature control to maintain even and consistent smoke temperature. With the front control panel space design, it allows more prepping space on the top of the smoker. It also has the facility of removable water tray drip pan and wood chip tray along with a rear mounted grease pan making cleaning and handling comfortable and easy.

Specifically, it has wheels which make it easy portable and movable.
One can get amazing and mouthwatering smoky flavor with this smoker.
This cooker also comes with four chrome cooking racks which allows one to load up this cooker with all of the summer barbecue meats making it worth buying.
To make the cooking experience easier and more enjoyable, this cooker also includes a drip deflector which makes cooking seem as a game without much to do work.

No matter what you are cooking or trying to cook in this electronic smoker– chicken, seafood, beef or turkey– you will just fall in love with the delightfully smoky aroma that emanates from it, drawing not only your family around you but also the neighbors around to enjoy the marvelous flavors. The digital control features with an easy-to-read blue LED display stands out even when viewing in direct sunlight. This smoker is absolutely a very well made piece of equipment with its worth being calculated over time and again.

So to sum up, here are some advantages of buying a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker reviews are:

• Easy and comfortable to clean and operate
• An adjustable door latch
• Durable construction
• Easy to assemble and use
• Plenty of smoke
• The consistency of temperatures
• Smooth performing smoker

According to the reviews, it seems as approximately 90% of the people loved the experience of using this device and remarked by saying, “Set it, Forget it.”

Thus, Regarded as the best electrical smoker.